The Marketing Consultancy for Augmented and Virtual Reality

Marketing Consultants for Augmented Reality offering
specialist support to brand strategists and omnichannel
marketers from all sectors and industries.

Convergence, not Transformation

With the Experience Economy gaining momentum, the consumers embracing it are increasingly digital natives – integration of brand experience across physical and digital realms has never been so important. Augmented Reality, emerging as the 4th computing paradigm, is advancing continually and should be considered strategically important as the Experience Economy develops.
The Smartphone market will continue to be proliferated by Augmented Reality technology but in the near future, this market will heed to a market for Smartglasses, built on Augmented Reality.

The Marketing Consultants for Augmented and Virtual Reality

Scott Hope is Commercial Director and Principal Consultant. Following an early IT career in Change Management, Scott spent 10+ years in the live events sector managing experiential activity for major brands across a diverse range of sectors including motorsport, aerospace, consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, IT and financial services. Scott is an avid supporter of the Experience Economy, passionate about engaging consumers with authentic experiences and effectively managing data to measure ROI. Scott is a regular speaker at industry events.

Javier Campos is Technical Director and Supporting Consultant. Javier is a seasoned professional in software engineering with 10+ years’ experience in Augmented Reality development. Javier has worked with Augmented Reality technology since its emergence from academia and is renowned as a stakeholder in recent European Union funded research projects. Javier is acknowledged globally as a pioneer in software development for AR Smartglasses technology having supported various projects.

AR Experiential emerged in 2014 as the developer of immersar®, the experience management platform for Smartglasses deployed Augmented Reality. AR Experiential are duly positioned to provide independent consultancy services whilst the commercial roadmap for immersar® is progressed. AR Experiential own & produce ExM Live Forum, the event series for brand strategists and omnichannel marketers that considers the core themes of creativity, experience, technology and data.

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Augmented reality
for Brand Experience 

Experiential events, roadshows and exhibitions are taking centre stage in marketing communications whilst experiential activity across retail is influencing consumer behaviour both in-store and online. Augmented Reality offers many possibilities to support integrated, omnichannel communications that engage consumers with authentic experiences.

Augmented Reality for Advertising

Digital Advertising faces continual disruption with many brands now reviewing programmatic strategies. Keiichi Matsuda’s Hyper-Reality, as depicted, is an extreme scenario but with the potential to integrate directly with ‘digital out of home’ platforms, Augmented Reality is the perfect medium for ultra-targeted, contextually aware advertising that bridges the physical and digital worlds of the consumer. Opportunities will increase as Augmented Reality gains traction with consumer devices.

Augmented Reality
for Products 

Augmented Reality is an effective proposition to increase the scope of digital products or enhance physical products that have seen their markets disadvantaged by digital transformation.
Augmented Reality as brand strategy can be complemented by tactical application across marketing communications.

What about VR?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are similar but subtly different technologies. Whilst there’s no doubt that Virtual Reality has a sizeable market with many applications, Augmented Reality is the 4th computing paradigm that will encounter mass market adoption and become synonymous with everyday consumer behaviour. For this reason alone, Augmented Reality (AR) is strategically important for all brands.