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Everyone likes a good story don’t they? Please have a read of ours! AR Experiential exists today as the culmination


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‘immersar® is a turn-key integrated product, an all-in-one platform to support the design, production, delivery and data management of personalised,

It’s all about the experience, not the technology!

At ARExM, immersive augmented reality is our thing, but we’re focused on experiences, not technology! We champion the value of live brand experiences that combine the physical and the digital through creative storytelling and multi-sensory engagement.

With augmented reality at its heart, we're developing immersar® as the go-to platform for personalised, multi-sensory experiences at live events. Exploiting the latest innovations in Augmented Reality Smart Glasses technology, immersar® will launch as a turn-key systems integration product that delivers the best experiences whilst delivering measurable ROI through operational efficiency, data insight, channel amplification and social reach.

Our approach to business spans the events ecosystem but we're certainly not a '360° agency' !

We share our marketplace with would-be clients and competitors alike. By promoting open innovation and transparent collaboration as best practice, we're intent on supporting the events ecosystem through a pick and mix approach to value add services with immersar® at the core.